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20's Plenty for St Albans District

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20mph - A saner speed for safer streets


We've all seen it too often, cars going too fast.  Going out on your bike, or walking to the shops can be quite scary. 


We are campaigning for 20mph to be the default speed limit in St Albans and Harpenden.

Across the UK default20mph is becoming the default but not in Herts. We're trying hard to catch up but Herts County Council doesn't agree.  We need your support.

Like you, we want safe streets - streets for walking, cycling and playing in.

Wide-area 20mph zones are the best and most cost effective way to encourage walking and cycling for shorter journeys.

With 20mph, streets are safer, friendlier, healthier. 

It makes sense.

If you want safer streets, what can you do?

Easy, you can Subscribe to our campaign and keep up to date on developments; or even better, you can Get Involved and help make it a success (see buttons right).


If you want to know more about our campaign, see the Learn More button right.  And you'll sometimes hear people explaining why 20mph is wrong.  Read the 20mph Myths and counter their arguments.

20s Plenty for St Albans District is part of 20s Plenty for Hertfordshire (see right).  We work with other groups across the County because Hertfordshire County Council is responsible for the speed limit on your street.

St Albans


Click on the image to tell us what you think about default20 in these areas


Local Authority Elections May 2021

May candidates for both County and District Councils explicitly supported our campaign by taking a selfie. Click here to see SADC candidates and here to see HCC candidates

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